Heidi Edström : Digital problemsolver

Doing stuff for web & social media. Designer, front-end developer, photographer, content manager & general problemsolver. Working as a part of ÖPPET, a collective of creative minds and capable hands.

Need help? - Send me an email.

Some of my clients: 
Nordic Tree CareJoakim Kocjancic, Happy PalmaP-GalleryEhrmannSvegroCCAPWeberArvetSpångs Orkester.

Selection of skills: BA in Digital Design with a focus on user experience. Master of Wordpress. Speaking fluent HTML and CSS. Having a good hand with Java Script and PHP too. As well as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, XD and Premiere Pro. Well acquainted with SEO and the importance of clear hierarchies. Lots of experience from working with social media, both with strategies and content developing. And of course in possession of that visual eye...


Art projects: www.ingenitnget.net 

Contact: heidi@he-di.se